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ocean and land cells with STWAVE


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I am unable to specify the cell attribute of my STWAVE grid to avoid computing on the land part. How to specify the land and the ocean cells using STWAVE ?

I do not start with an ADCIRC mesh, so the tutorial is not useful.

For the moment, I incorporate the XYZ data of the coastline into my bathymetric data and I specify an elevation of -90 to represent the land element. This model setup leads to an appropriate solution with wave heights equal to zero on the land part but the problem is that the model is still computing on the land part.

What is the equivalent of the coastline (.cst) used in CGWAVE that could be used in STWAVE. As you probably know, to build land and ocean polygons following the STWAVE tutorial steps does not work at all if you do not start with and ADCIRC mesh.

There is probably an other way to build the model and use a coastline that could block wave propagation on the land part ??

Thanks for your collaboration !

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I saw that Tom responded to your question via email, but I will post his response so that others can see the answer.

SMS 10.1 has been updated to make the land/ocean cell issue clearer.

SMS no longer differentiates between land/ocean cells in the grid cell

attributes (land/ocean attribute options are no longer available in

arc or polygon attributes.) STWAVE will report positive wave heights

in "land" cells if the waves are higher than the land elevations. If

you have cells that you want to remain dry, then set the depth cell

values to large negative values.

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