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Drainage as a function of space

Mette Christensen

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Dear all,

I need to know the drainage flow from many inidividual cells. How is this output obtained? When using the flow budget tool only the total drainage from all cells is obtained (and I don't want to sit and click on each cell to produce an individual flow budget.. :) ). The information can neither be extracted from the vector or *.mag files.

If anybody knows this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Mette Christensen

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Multiple ways to go here depending on your needs.

You can set up zones using Zone Budget.

You can select cells by using "select with poly" under the edit menu and just encompass the cells you want.

If you set up your drains using a map coverage, you should be able to select the line/polygon you used to generate the drains and get the drainage that way.

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