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How to simulate propsed landfill


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Currently I am modeling a quarry site proposed for a landfill (both at steady and transient). However the model failed to converge.

About the model:

60 km2 area (150*150 m grid) refined at the quarry area (70*70 m).

Drain cells have been placed in the quarry site (proposed landfill).

As an alternative, I tried to use high K value for the cells at the bottom the quarry site to allow less resistant to groundwater inflow (and with constant head) but it did not converge either.

Purpose of the model:

1. To simulate depression of groundwater elevation in the vicinity of a proposed landfill and impact on surrounding groundwater quality due to groundwater extraction from sumps beneath the landfill.

2. To simulate the impact of a leachate contamination from a neighboring landfill approximately 500 m from the proposed landfill.

3. To simulate the impact of leachate leakage from the proposed landfill if the liner was breached following the cessation of pumping.

Any idea on how to fix the problem (stabilising and calibrating the model) is appreciated. Also I was wondering if there is a means to fix the instability problem using MODFLOW-SURFACT?



Melbourne, Australia

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