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WMS 8.3 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.3 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

  • 1860-2/4/2010-3/11/2010-Floating point error when running SMPDBK
  • 1919-2/26/2010-3/11/2010-Loading dem changes Current Coordinates.
  • 1944-3/3/2010-3/10/2010-Option to manually link nodes and outlets in SWMM does not work
  • 1958-3/4/2010-3/10/2010-"When selecting the basin icon in the NSS model (tutorial volume 2, ch3), WMS gives error window"
  • 1824-1/25/2010-3/9/2010-Floodplain delineation freeze
  • 1825-1/25/2010-3/9/2010-Opening these DEMs with Current Coordinates set to State Plane causes WMS to crash

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