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Drains and Layers


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I have a question about how drains work. I have a 4 layer model with drains. All of the drains are in layer 1, and are set at an elevation in the middle of the layer. I have them in a separate coverage called drains. If I set the Default Layer Range for that coverage to "1 to 1" I get one answer. If I set the Default Layer Range for the drian coverage to cover all layers "1 to 4" then I get a discharge through the drains 320% higher than setting the range to just layer "1 to 1".

I would think that it shouldn't make a difference since all the drains are in Layer 1 and water should only be pulled from that layer anyway. Am I missing something, because this is a big difference and I need to know which one is right.

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When you have the layer range as 1 to 4, you are putting drains in all 4 layers. Now, all your elevations would set water to only be drawn from Layer 1, but 4 drains in one location will pull more water than one (it is like you have one drain with the conductance of 4).

Thanks Sean. It sounds like a weird way of implementing it, but at least I know.


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