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Extra hydrologic modeling trees and XY Series curves


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Another one of my "no one else has ever made the program do THAT" questions:

I have done a bunch of HEC-1 runs in this WMS project (about 90 runs over the course of the project). Eventually I ended up with 22 Hydrologic Modeling Trees (see screen shot of Project Explorer).

Why did this happen, and how do I delete/clear out the extra trees? They don't go away if I right click on them and select 'Delete', even if I delete out all the elements (basin/outlet) first.

On a likely related topic, when I am in the XY Series Editor, my saved curves are repeated in the drop down box many times (see screen shot). Each curve appears 350-400 times! I checked the .tre file and the name of one of my curves is found 1150 times. As you can imagine, the program is lagging badly and takes forever to open anything up.

What did I do? :o



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