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HEC-RAS geometry from WMS

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Hi all,

I am working towards a working HEC-RAS model from WMS input. I have a centerline, channel banks, and cross sections to define model geometry in HEC-RAS. I have saved as a 1-D network schematic, but when bringing it into HEC-RAS, it will only use one of these coverages to define geometry, so I get error messages saying that there are no cross sections. Any thoughts (Chris and Clark, I'm looking at you)?



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I'm not sure I understand the problem fully, but right off the bat, I would make sure your cross-section arcs are on a 1D Hyd Cross-Section coverage and that your centerline and bank arcs are on the 1D Hyd Centerline coverage. You can verify this by right clicking on the coverages and choosing type to see what type they are. See if this fixes the problem.


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The arcs are all set to the appropriate coverages, and the cross sections have been extracted and edited. I think the problem is in the import of the arc sets to HEC-RAS.

Thanks Clark!


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