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Extract Part of a Time Series using Data Calculator


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You can use the interpolation dialog to select "Multiple Time Steps". Try the following steps:

1. Convert the mesh or cartesian grid that contains the solution you are trying to trim to a scatter set. In SMS 10.0 this can be done by right clicking on the Mesh or Cartesian Grid in the Project Explorer and choosing Convert from the menu.

2. Once you have a scatter set, choose the menu "Scatter | Interpolate to Mesh (or Cartesian Grid)"

3. Choose the scatter set version of the data set you want to trim in the "Interpolate From" box. Since the nodes in the scatter set match the mesh exactly, the interpolation and extrapolation values can be left at default. You might want to change the name though.

4. Choose "Multiple Time Steps" in the time step interpolation frame. If you just want to trim the data, choose a start and end time that matches your output and a step size that matches your output, or the data will interpolate.

Hope that helps.

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