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PMWIN Error 5


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Hi everyones !

I have quite the same problem than Bruce :

Another error I have encountered is run time error = 5 Invalid procedure call or argument.

Here : http://aquaveo.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=446

But there is no answers. Same problem, this message appears, and PMWIN suddenly close :


Sorry, it is in French !

May some of you help me ?

I did not manage to found in any booklet that I have where I can get information about error number versus error causes.

Thanks in advance !


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Hi all,

Finally, I get the answer by Mr Wen-Hsing Chiang and Mr Kinzelbach :

"The Error #5 problem is not caused by the product key. The problem might occur when

1. running on Windows 7/Vista,

2. Microsoft updates your Windows system files (to a point that some Windows applications are no longer compatible),

3. model files are read-only, or

4. One or more model input files are not generated on the new PC."

Hope it will help for you too !


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