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Flood depths and scale bar problem


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This post actually relates to the two different queries:

1.) When turn the scale bar legend on it still does not seem to display on the screen. Is there any reason why this may be the case and what could I try to solve this?

2.) I have a contoured map which shows flood extents. However I am only really interested in the depth and extent of flooding on the floodplain rather than for whole system including the channel. Is there anyway I can derive the maximum flood depth only for the floodplain coverage of my model?



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Which "scale bar legend" are you talking about. If you are talking about the contour legends, I haven't seen or heard of any problems displaying these. Be sure that you're turning on the legend for the TIN or DEM, depending on what you're displaying. Also, I think each contour data set can have a different set of contour options, so be sure you are displaying the legend for the correct dataset. Hopefully that makes sense.

You can definitely get all you need from the delineated floodplain since WMS computes a flood depth at each point on your TIN. You can get the maximum depth by going to the information for your dataset. Changing the contour options will help you track down the location of the maximum depth. To get the flood extents, I usually draw a single contour at a really small flood depth (like 0.1 ft) and convert this to feature objects, then export it to a DWG or to a shapefile. The WMS contour options will allow you to display a single contour. Then after this contour is displayed, there is an option to convert your TIN contours to feature objects. Do this and then you should be able to export to a shapefile. If you want to export to DWG, select the Data->CAD command in the map module and save a DWG file. It will have your contour as one of the layers.


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I'll give that a try for the flood depths and then let you know if that helps.

Regarding the scale bar issue, I am referring to the legend which displays the spatial scale of the map. When I turn this option on in page setup it still does not show up on the screen...any ideas for how to solve this issue or manually create a scale bar if not?


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