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Bed friction in ST-WAVE

Hamid Fanaie

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Dear colleagues,

In the ST-WAVE manual it has been mentioned that the bottom friction is neglected in ST_WAVE. But in the control toolbox there is an option to choose bottom friction. I have seen someone asked this question on July 2008, but unfortunately I could not find the answer.


Can you please reply to the following questions?

1- Does the bottom friction work in ST-WAVE (sms 10.1) ?

2- How can we produce a grid file for the bottom friction of a field? Is there any tool for that or shall we change a grid file for example depth grid to make a bottom friction map?

Best regards,


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I prepared the friction map as you noted, I get the following error message when I run the model.I should note that with the constant manning my model is running properly. Can you please advise on that?

Best regards,


*** Model Started

STWAVE Half Plane Version 5.6

values for ni,nj,dxinc,dyinc 726 905 50.00000


values for nf,na,epsang,iprp 30 35 5.000000


nselct 4

ainc = 8.7266468E-02

inside time loop, itms = 1

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

Image PC Routine Line Source

stwave.exe 0043D67E Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 0041E694 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 004272A3 Unknown Unknown Unknown

stwave.exe 0053B38F Unknown Unknown Unknown

kernel32.dll 7C817077 Unknown Unknown Un

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Could you get your files to tech support (email support@aquaveo.com for instructions)? Tell them to get them to Rusty.

At first glance this looks like a model developer issue. If you get us the files, we can work with them to see what is going on.

Hi all,

This issue is still unresolved, any idea is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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