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Mette Christensen

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I am working with particle tracking with MODPATH in GMS. I am interested in describing the behavior of the particles within each computational layer and cell. Since my computational layers follow the geology the pathline report given in xyz format is not so usefull. Do anyone know if a similar report can be obtained in ijk format??


Best regards,

Mette Christensen

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Unfortunately the View Pathline Report in the Project Explorer does not present the IJK coordinates and the General Modpath Options implemented in GMS 7.0 are limited.

Therefore I suggest to run MODPATH independently from GMS. The procedure is as follows:

1. In GMS/Modpath General Options/last item: Specified file name enter a name for the response file, eg test.rsp in a convenient folder

2. GMS will save and run Modpath, the following files are available: test.sum test.ept test.pth test.rsp test.nam test.loc test.mdf

3. Unfortunately the path file test.pth is binary and compacted

4. Exit GMS

5. Open test.mdf in a text editor

6. Remove the words COMPACT BINARY from the second line, but leave an empty line

7. Copy GMS 7.0/models/modpath/modpath5_0_h5.exe to your folder

8. run modpath5_0_h5.exe

9. Enter test.rsp as name for the response file

10. Now text.pth is a Standard Text Pathline File including JIK coordinates, see mpathref.pdf Appendix B.

If someone has an easier solution, that would be nice.



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