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WMS 8.3 Release and Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.3 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The final version of WMS 8.3 was also released in December. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

  • 1762-1/8/2010-1/21/2010-"Change ""Join SSURGO data"" command to ""Join NRCS data"""
  • 1731-12/22/2009-1/21/2010-GSSHA cross section data not saved.
  • 1755-1/6/2010-1/20/2010-WMS 8.3 does not read in GSSHA custom cross-section data
  • 1609-11/6/2009-1/14/2010-WMS coverages not overlaying DEM properly in WMS 8.3
  • 1650-11/23/2009-1/13/2010-Converting TIN Contour to Feature Objects not working from menu
  • 1664-12/1/2009-1/12/2010-WMS crashes upon opening the .wms file included in bug #1531
  • 888-5/4/2009-12/3/2009-WMS 8.2 gets hung when trying to run on a computer with low resolution
  • 1642-11/19/2009-12/3/2009-Bug when displaying GIS data using ArcObjects in Albers coordinate system
  • 863-4/28/2009-11/19/2009-Problem reading land use ArcGrid with ArcObjects
  • 1035-6/15/2009-11/18/2009-Save files to temporary directory/filename before writing over original file
  • 1614-11/9/2009-11/18/2009-Map Data option for computing lag time in HEC-HMS doesn't transfer computed value
  • 1621-11/12/2009-11/18/2009-HMS Lag time for computing Clark's R doesn't update when edited manually
  • 1618-11/11/2009-11/11/2009-Button for Defining Inflow-Diverted flow in HMS Interface not working
  • 1615-11/9/2009-11/10/2009-WMS crashes when exporting scatter data to ASCII grid file
  • 1617-11/10/2009-11/10/2009-Basin area units wrong in HMS if computing basin data in acres
  • 1612-11/9/2009-11/9/2009-WMS giving the wrong Values in the ENDFILES
  • 1610-11/6/2009-11/9/2009-Land use shapefile descriptions not mapped to Level2
  • 1251-7/31/2009-11/9/2009-Let users change rain gage display
  • 450-1/15/2009-11/9/2009-WMS deletes TIN vertices and triangles when closing a project
  • 271-12/2/2008-11/9/2009-Cancel button does not work on the web services dialog
  • 237-11/19/2008-11/9/2009-Display doesn't refresh while dragging vertices
  • 1597-11/3/2009-11/9/2009-WMS Crash
  • 640-2/27/2009-11/5/2009-"Remove toggle box in CAD Data Display Options dialog- if not the whole dialog"
  • 1559-10/21/2009-10/30/2009-WMS title bar modification to facilitate testing of the 'release' version and elimination of the 'release robot' version
  • 1588-10/30/2009-10/30/2009-Problem with Extract Cross Sections dialog
  • 316-12/12/2008-10/30/2009-Detention basin overflowed error when running the Rational Method
  • 227-11/13/2008-10/30/2009-Display CAD data command does not turn CAD display off when toggled off
  • 226-11/13/2008-10/30/2009-CAD Layers coverages are not highlighted when they are set as the active coverage
  • 837-4/22/2009-10/29/2009-Why is the terraserver map scale dialog so big?
  • 284-12/8/2008-10/29/2009-Remove CROSS_SECTION_LIST card from GSSHA files that WMS writes
  • 415-1/8/2009-10/29/2009-"Upon Clicking ""Delineate Watershed"" ( Tutorials, Vol II, Ch 5, Sec 5.2.7) the file name is omitted from the title bar."
  • 1577-10/28/2009-10/28/2009-Default feature arc attribute not stored for 1D Hydraulic Centerline coverage
  • 1572-10/26/2009-10/28/2009-"Section 2.3.1, Volume 2, Chapter 2, Step 11"
  • 332-12/17/2008-10/28/2009-Properties window display bug
  • 188-11/6/2008-10/28/2009-Error reading shapefiles with associated .prj files
  • 178-11/4/2008-10/28/2009-Map data is hidden behind the 2D Grid when color filled contours are turned on in plan view
  • 177-11/4/2008-10/28/2009-Problem displaying 2D Grid flow vectors with blocked cells and color filled contours.
  • 851-4/24/2009-10/28/2009-"Sub-basins improperly delineated. Zero area error. Orange County Tutorial 6, section 6.3.2."
  • 1481-10/2/2009-10/26/2009-WMS crashes when treating generic polygons as basins.
  • 1568-10/23/2009-10/26/2009-MODRAT dialog warning of duplicate names when no duplicate names exist
  • 1517-10/13/2009-10/26/2009-Problem with moving GSSHA projects to a different directory
  • 832-4/21/2009-10/23/2009-Problem with sub-basin areas
  • 1469-9/30/2009-10/20/2009-HEC-1 Data Points
  • 1438-9/19/2009-10/19/2009-"Upon completion of Step 12, Section 3.4, Volume 6, the .wms or .wpr is dropped from the file name in the title bar."
  • 822-4/17/2009-10/16/2009-Generate IDs button never undims when entering Infiltration after Initial Moisture
  • 1535-10/16/2009-10/16/2009-WMS doesn't recognize drainage basin
  • 107-10/9/2008-10/16/2009-Incorrect prompt shown
  • 1531-10/15/2009-10/15/2009-Rain gage weights don't add up to one
  • 666-3/6/2009-10/15/2009-Contour Options dialog spreadsheet problems
  • 1488-10/6/2009-10/15/2009-Contour intervals incorrect when using specified values and then switching to color fill
  • 358-12/23/2008-10/14/2009-Save button in Project Filename page of Hydrologic Modeling Wizard overwrites existing files
  • 106-10/9/2008-10/14/2009-Hourglass not shown while deleting tin verts
  • 485-1/22/2009-10/13/2009-Problem when trying to indicate the location of WinHspfLt.exe
  • 314-12/12/2008-10/13/2009-Legend text in hydrograph plot for Rational method hydrographs
  • 219-11/12/2008-10/13/2009-Edit | Preferences window needs some tweaking
  • 789-4/3/2009-10/13/2009-Can't access drainage data display options
  • 480-1/21/2009-10/12/2009-Forum feature request: saving depression points
  • 140-10/24/2008-10/12/2009-Ghost Outlet Bug: WMS selects an imaginary outlet when selecting an outlet in the Map Module in 8.1
  • 451-1/15/2009-10/9/2009-WMS vanishes when working with a project with a deep file directory
  • 1472-9/30/2009-10/8/2009-MODRAT import Issue
  • 426-1/13/2009-10/7/2009-Saving image registration (world file) with xmdf project file
  • 398-1/7/2009-10/7/2009-Saving image registration data with .wms (xmdf) file
  • 1470-9/30/2009-10/7/2009-MODRAT Output Error
  • 1250-7/31/2009-10/7/2009-WMS crashes when converting a DTED DEM to a TIN and toggling the TIN display on and off
  • 836-4/22/2009-10/7/2009-State plane zone description not showing in shared projection dialog
  • 862-4/28/2009-10/7/2009-Another problem displaying image with ArcObjects enabled
  • 245-11/21/2008-10/7/2009-Cross section not displayed in channel calculator
  • 439-1/13/2009-10/7/2009-Duplicating a coverage takes a long time
  • 438-1/13/2009-10/7/2009-Changing coverage name in the Coverage Properties dialog takes a long time
  • 165-10/30/2008-10/6/2009-Rain Gage coverage should have Map data display attributes
  • 168-10/30/2008-10/6/2009-Legend gets stuck on WMS Screen when Selecting File | New
  • 433-1/13/2009-10/6/2009-Mapping shapefile to feature obejcts crash
  • 361-12/29/2008-10/6/2009-Problem with images on xmswiki.com
  • 1457-9/25/2009-10/6/2009-Crash when running OC rational
  • 357-12/23/2008-10/6/2009-DEM point selection tool slow selecting a DEM point
  • 1471-9/30/2009-10/6/2009-Adding stream arc crashes project
  • 315-12/12/2008-10/6/2009-Delete button in the Elevation Discharge Input dialog does not work
  • 301-12/9/2008-10/6/2009-Selecting a segment in the CE-QUAL-W2 Polygon Segment Attributes dialog does not select a segment in the graphics window
  • 1485-10/5/2009-10/6/2009-WMS vanishes when opening this GSSHA project from the wiki tutorials
  • 206-11/11/2008-10/5/2009-Remove Flat triangles does not work in WMS 8.2
  • 449-1/15/2009-10/5/2009-TIN and map file do not overlay properly in WMS 8.1
  • 179-11/4/2008-10/5/2009-Problem displaying 2D grid cell elevations with color filled contours
  • 916-5/7/2009-10/5/2009-Display issue with reading map file
  • 116-10/16/2008-10/5/2009-Web Services options that don't work should be dimmed out
  • 130-10/21/2008-10/5/2009-Errors when running through CE-QUAL tutorial in WMS 9.0
  • 1242-7/30/2009-10/2/2009-NSS will not load without write access to Program Files directory
  • 157-10/29/2008-10/2/2009-Pattern palette not working in WMS 8.1
  • 101-10/7/2008-10/2/2009-2D Grid Flow Vectors drawn on same layer as Color Filled Contours
  • 1473-9/30/2009-10/2/2009-NSS calculation possible error
  • 1271-8/6/2009-9/30/2009-WMS crashes when creating a filmloop of a partial solution
  • 1594-10/31/2009-11/4/2009-Vol 3, Ch4, Section 4.3.2, Step 2. Strange symbols appear in list box.
  • 1578-10/28/2009-11/4/2009-Multiple arcs should only have one attribute if connected

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