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A confirmation on RMA4-concentration issue


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Dear co-modellers,

I am working on a dynamic RMA2/RMA4 problem to track the path and dilution of a sewage outlet.

I do have a time step equal to 0.5 hrs.

Lets say, I also have a outlet flow giving 1 thousand bacteria/second.

To get reasonable (practical) results on the dilution for this problem, I do have to multiply the outlet flow with 30*60=1800, to put in 1800 thousand/ 0.5 hrs into the BC-card?

Is this the correct way of thinking?

With a constant BC of 1800 000, will then 1800 000 bacteria be injected into the model domain every time step (=every 0.5 hrs)?

Hope you are able to confirm my thoughts...

Best regards


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