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Hello all,

Is there a way to import, using the "text import wizard", wells data according to layer (from layer - to layer, instaed of z - depth - len) ?

I have many wells in my model, arranged by layers. I tried to create 3 well coverages, each for wells attached to a certain layer (by using coverage setup/default layer range 1 to 1, 3 to 3,...) but when I do "map to MODFLOW, the active layer overwrites the previous well data in modflow.

Any ideas ?



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Looks like there is not a way to directly import the layer range like you want to, but I assigned the "Screen Top" to the 'from layer' in my txt file and the "Screen Bottom" to the 'to layer' in my txt file.

After I was done with the Text Import Wizard, I open the the attribute table and I selected the data in the "Top scr." and "Bot. scr." columns, copied the data and pasted it into the "From layer" and "To layer" columns.

This isn't terribly elegant, but it works.



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