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SMS 10.1 ADCIRC Model Control file


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Hi ,

I have few problems with SMS 10.1 ADCIRC control file. I tried to setup following options in the model control dialogue under files tab.

1. fort.19. elevation boundary condition, non periodic. under input column it always displays no, even after assigning boundary data to some nodes. The following lines does not change in the .grd file even after saving

0 = Number of open boundaries

0 = Total number of open boundary nodes

2. file.22 under the adcirc model control, wind tab .

wind file type NWS=5

wind file options, select data set

does not show any data in the "select data" box.

how to load the data into SMS to be selected from the wind file options dialouge ?

3. I am getting this error while running ADCIRC

!!!!!!!!!! INPUT ERROR !!!!!!!!!


Your selection of NOLIFA (a UNIT 15 input parameter) is not an allowable value

WARNING: The StartDry file was replaced by surface_submergence_state in

the Nodal Attributes file (unit 13).

ACTION: NOLIFA will be corrected to 2; the loading of StartDry data will not

be triggered now, although it may be triggered later in the NWP section.

I am using ADCIRC VERSION 48.4642 which came with SMS 10.1 . I am using on 32BIT Windows XP.

4. Another problem I see, SMS always saves the files in the last folder accessed , even I change the work folder and create new files.

Please help !


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I don't know about the SMS problems, but the ADCIRC error is due to a change is how than changed the input for submergence state is given from v45 to v46. In v45 a fort.12 was used to specify the submergence state and now a fort.13 file contains input nodal attributes (variable friction, the submergence state, etc.). See the ADCIRC documentation. Version 48 isn't up there yet, but I don't think anything has changed between 47 and 48 with regards to the nodal attributes.


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