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How can I stored my field results in the .sol file?


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when sms 9.0 and earily,we can save our hydraulic program results into *.sol file. and then the post work can be finied on the sms.just like rma2.

for example,we can use a geo file and a matched sol file to show the uv field.no matter the elements is linear or quadratic(although rma2 is only support the quadratic).

But now the sms 10 can't do this.

we can't show a matched sol file based the geo file that is the elements are linear .

please help me.

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Let me see if I understand

  • You have a .geo file with linear or quadratic elements
  • You have a .sol file with a value for each node in the .geo file

When you read in the .sol file after reading in the .geo file you get an error message saying, "THE SOLUTION FILE DOES NOT MATCH THE MESH"

I believe we will need to take a look at your files. Please send them to technical support.

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