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AHGW Limitations


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I am currently working on a research project involving aquifer depletion and pumping rates as they pertain to a cone of depression, flow rates, and ultimately 'death' of the aquifer. I went through the tutorials for AHGW and found the program to work nicely, except there is no simulations involved. The AHGW model allows you to build geovolumes and cross-sections based on borehole data, (which is good), but how about the next step, simulating the world's demise in aquifer depletion. If there is any other software out there for aquifer simulation I would like to know. As for AHGW, I will keep modeling, but hopefully in the near future they can add some more functionality to these models.

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Thanks for the reply,

I am not necessarily looking for something different than MODFLOW, but just trying to evaluate all of my options. I have found some python code modules that have been created to model groundwater consumption and cone of depression. I have never used MODFLOW, and don't want to get to much time caught up in learning a new program if possible, but I will take a look. If there are any other ideas out there I would love to hear of them!

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