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Solids to 3-D grid


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I am attempting to develop a 3-D grid for modflow. I have a straightforward solid model that I am trying to create a 3-D grid from. I have attempted to create this grid many times, but it does not work. I've read through the tutorial for this process and have not missed any steps that I am aware of. The solids appear in the grid, but the top and bottom elevation are not correct. The grid maintains its the same dimensions with the materials read into the cells. The cells do not adjust to the dimensions of the solid model. Attached is a screen grab of the solid model and the 3-D grid after executing the "solid to modflow" macro.


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Which method are you using to transfer your solid to MODFLOW? Two methods leave the cell elevations alone, while one will alter them.

I am using the method discussed in Tutorial Vol 2, Chapter 6, "GENERATING MODFLOW DATA FROM SOLIDS". I talked to ERDC yesterday and sent them my file. They were not able to create a grid from the solid model in GMS 6.5. However, they created the 3-D grid from the solid model using GMS 7.0. I am not running 7.0; I'm running 6.5. I don't really understand why this is. The tutorial file associated with Vol 2, Ch 6. runs in GMS 6.5. It will take me a few days to get 7.0 loaded on my PC.

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