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I am trying to compile modflow on an X86 64bit system running Vista Business 64bit. I am using the Intel Fortran Compiler in Microsoft Studio 2005. I have compiled the program using the parallel option by using the para-mpi.f file. It requires the mpif.h file that was not included in the source files distributed with GMS. Is this a compiler specific header, or something specific to modflow? Where can I find this file?

Also, will compiling the program using the para-mpi.f file result in more efficient use of multiple processors, or is there something else that I need to do. I noticed that there are include lines for the mpif.h located in other modules of the code, but they have been commented out. Will I need to uncomment them?

I have a dual processor system with each processor being a dual core and 8 Gig of RAM, so I would like to see if I can speed things up with some parallel prosessing. I dont have a lot of time to get too deep into modifying the code so I am hoping that a simple compile with a few options activated will do the trick.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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