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fort.19 and control file


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Hi I am a new user of SMS/ ADCIRC. I am using the latest SMS build 10.1 . I assigned a node as a recoding station elevation . But I tried to save the model control, fort.19 is not showing as yes in the input column. Also having problem with hydrograph. Is any other way to define non periodic flow conditions.


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Specifying a node as an elevation recording station in an ADCIRC mesh does not affect the fort.19 file, but rather the fort.15 control file. The fort.19 input file will be created by SMS if you select the ocean nodestring and specify it as a "Specify single curve" boundary condition.



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I am using SMS 10.1. I want to run simulations considering just the wind and pressure forcings, without the tidal forcing. I selected the ocean nodestring and specified it as a "Specify single curve" boundary condition and on ADCIRC model control, on tidal/harmonics didn't select anything. However, although fort.19 input says "yes", the file is not created (always 0 KB). Why?

Thank you.


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