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What models in SMS can simulate oil spill on river


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SMS does not currently have a model for modeling oil spills.

Although the RMA4 manual suggests that it can be used for this, RMA4 should not be used to evaluate highly volatile materials such as gasoline, nor materials that do not mix with water, such as oil. See http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/SMS:RMA4

The model PTM can be used for particle tracking, but again, it would provide a crude estimate at best in my opinion.

You may want to investigate the NOAA oil response software program GNOME. From the NOAA website:

GNOME (General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment) is the oil spill trajectory model used by OR&R Emergency Response Division (ERD) responders during an oil spill. ERD trajectory modelers use GNOME in Diagnostic Mode to set up custom scenarios quickly. In Standard Mode, anyone can use GNOME (with a Location File) to:

  • predict how wind, currents, and other processes might move and spread oil spilled on the water.
  • learn how predicted oil trajectories are affected by inexactness ("uncertainty") in current and wind observations and forecasts.
  • see how spilled oil is predicted to change chemically and physically ("weather") during the time that it remains on the water surface.

To use GNOME, you describe a spill scenario by entering information into the program; GNOME then creates and displays an oil spill "movie" showing the predicted trajectory of the oil spilled in your scenario.

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