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Problem with Splitting BOUSS2D Cellstrings in SMS10.1


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Hi SMS Team/Users

We are experiencing a problem with SMS 10.1 (using SMS10.1.1), whereby we are not able to manually split a bouss2d cell string. This problem is occurring on two separate machines that we have SMS 10.1 installed on. When we select a grid node and try to split the string, SMS locks up for a period of time, before an error box pops up, with no information (just an OK button) – see screen grab attached.

After this happens, SMS will not allow us to do anything (not even save). I have attached a zip file with a project where this error occurs. It happens on small and large grids.

For anyone else experiencing this problem, we are working around this by splitting cell strings in SMS 9.2, and then transferring back to SMS 10.1, but this is abviously not ideal.



Bouss2D Cellstring Test.zip


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Dear colleagues:

I have got exactly the same problem in SMS 10.1 64 bits.

Since I can't wait for the problem fixed, I have built several cellstrings directly over the "automatic" one. Once I have finished buildinbg the "splitted" cellstrings I deleted the "automatic". This is not very comfortable, but works.

Anyway, fixing the problem will be wonderful!!

Merry Christmas,


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