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Variograms - Lag Tolerance


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We updated this page on the wiki: http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:Variogram_Editor

Hopefully this explains "Lag Tolerance" better.

Thanks for the page update. Unfortunately, the very brief description and illustration doesn't really answer the question I posed. What is occuring with the calulations with Lag Tolerance? For example, the web page says that in general you should use a lag tolerance of half the lag. Why? What if you used 10 times the lag, or what if instead you used 1/10th the lag. How would the computations be affected by these assumptions?

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After doing a little research it looks like the figure on the wiki is not quite correct. The lag distance defines the center of each of the "bands" away from a particular point and the lag tolerance defines the width of the band. So making the lag tolerance very small will make the "band" very narrow. Making the lag tolerance larger than lag/2 will make it so you have lag regions that over lap.

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