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Importing New Bathymetry


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I would convert your elevations from the grid to a scatter set and import your new bathymetry into another scatter set. Cut a whole in your old elevation data scatter set which removes the data from the region of the new data and then combine the two datasets. You can then re-interpolate this new datset back onto the grid. This would put your new data into the old mesh whilst keeping the rest of the elevation data the same and shouldn't be that slow, unless you have a huge grid and memory issues come into play.

Of course you need to remember that the grid will not be as nicely tuned to your new data and also the interpolation routines will not allow volume conservation as an option within elements. This can cause problems if you are not careful and may require some processing of your new data before you put it in to the mesh.

Hope it goes well and that this may have been some help :)


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The approach that Walkington suggests would work fine. If you are using SMS 10.1, you don't need to create a whole in one of your scattersets since there is an option to combine scattersets and give preference to your new data.

If it is easy to select the area you want to replace (hold down ctrl to select with a polygon if using 10.1), there is an option that you can select the nodes and right click and choose Interpolate bathymetry. This will interpolate just to the selected nodes and replace their bathymetry.

I have a large mesh that has been around for a while. A survey crew recently took some data. I have this data in xyz points. Is there a way to interpolate this newer/smaller data onto the large mesh?


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