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We are using BOUSS2D to simulate the wave in a harbour. We want to select the boundary conditions of the model depending on the reflection coefficient. There are 5 different structures with 5 different reflection coefficients. To choose the width and the coefficient value of damping we use the Figure 5 of the manual (page 24). In this graph you can see the variation of reflection coefficient with damping coefficient depending on the width and wavelength. But we have a couple of doubts in the matter.

1.- For w/L=0.5 the reflection coefficient is ~0. From this result it is possible to think that when you want to simulate total absorption it is necessary to choose a width (w) equal or higher than the 1/2 wave length (L/2). Is it true?

2.- Reflection coefficients varies from 0 to 60 % in the graph, but in our case we need simulated reflection coefficients higher than 60 %, for example 70%, 80% or 90%. Is it possible to represent this type of contours in BOUSS2D?

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