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New TUFLOW Tutorials

Rusty Jones

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We have just completed and have posted an additional set of tutorials on using TUFLOW.

The TUFLOW tutorials are split into five modules and cover many of the fundamentals to building TUFLOW models including:

* Creating grids

* Setting up simulations

* Using TUFLOW log files to find and fix problems

* Embedding 1D culverts in a 2D domain

* Using combined 1D/2D models

* Modelling Bridges

We are excited about TUFLOW because it is so stable for wetting and drying and is versatile due to its support for hydraulic structures, 1D networks (pipe or cross-sections), and the ability to add rainfall directly to the model domain. We hope you will give the new tutorials a try.

Don't have TUFLOW? Download an evaluation version of SMS and try it out (http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads).

Tutorial Download Link

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I just downloaded the new TUFLOW tutorials you have highlighted - In the table of contents in module 1 pdf it refers to Module 6 - "D-"D Linking (I am assuming Muliple domains). Although the note says that the documents have not been produced yet it does say that the model files are there to download. However, they are not with the TUFLOW tutorials zip file. Is there any possibility of uploading the files for module 6 and is there an eta for the documents on module 6?



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