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HEC-HMS snowmelt modelling


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I am using HEC-HMS version 3.3 to model snowmelt, and have following question:

1. I have tried different sets of ATI (antecedant temperature index) meltrate function but every time I get the error message "Requested interpolation value is above the last value in table of ATI meltrate function". What are reasonable values for the ATI meltrate function? Please see attached the table I am using as ATI meltrate function.

2. When I run the model, I get an error message that melt rate is undefined for my first time step (even though I have numbers for ATI function and coefficient. How can I correct this error?

Many Thanks,


ATI meltrate function.txt

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We have had similar problems with the HEC-HMS snowmelt functions. This appears to be a problem with HMS rather than WMS, and I know the HMS developers were working on fixing the problem, but the fix may not be available until HMS version 3.5 is released. You may be able to work around the problem. Contact our tech support for more information.


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If you send me your zipped HMS model, I could look at it and see if I can find anything wrong right away. Without looking at your model, it's hard to tell what the problem is. If you're sure you have set everything up correctly, you could try to contacting somebody at HEC using the HMS bug report page here and let them know about the bug. You may get some help going that route.

Here's some general advice:

1. Make sure all the model input is setup correctly.

2. Read the information about HMS snowmelt on this forum topic.

3. If you are current with your WMS maintenance, you could contact Aquaveo tech support and see if they can help you.

The Aquaveo consulting team could also help you get your model running. They charge an hourly consulting rate, but are very knowledgeable and should be able to help you get the results you need.

From my experience in running HMS, everything needs to be setup correctly to get things running. Let me know if I can help in any way.


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