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GSSHA tutorial 12: Groundwater


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Dear all,

After I completely followed tutorial 12: Groundwater(in GSSHA tutorial) to build GSSHA model, why are there these errors when operating the option of GSSHA Model Check?

Error: one or more of the arcs in the GSSHA Coverage do not have valid K river or M river values.

And after I constrainedly run GSSHA model, why is there such an error in Model Wrapper?

Error: you have specified both groundwater routing and Sacramento soil moisture accounting. These two methods are mutually-exclusive. Use one or the other.

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currently´╝îI have solved the first problem when I assigned arc Attributes to the stream network through toggling on the option for sub-surface losses/gains, then I check GSSHA model and find no error, However, when I run GSSHA model, I am not yet able to avoid the second error. Why?

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