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WMS 8.3 Beta

Chris Smemoe

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The WMS software developers are excited to announce that the beta version of WMS 8.3 is now available for download! This version of WMS has had several improvements to the GSSHA interface. WMS 8.3 can currently be downloaded from this web page, and will soon be made available for download on aquaveo.com. All the latest information on WMS 8.3 will be posted to the WMS wiki page.

A detailed list of the new features available in WMS 8.3 is located on this web site. Some new features available in WMS 8.3 include the following:

  1. Export rainfall datasets to KMZ (Google Earth) animation files
  2. Export index map cells to Google Earth as vector polygons
  3. Import GSSHA index map files
  4. Support of Contaminant Transport and NSM modeling in GSSHA
  5. Ability to create mass and concentration plots for NSM constituents and for simple first order constituents
  6. Support of Overland flow boundary conditions in GSSHA
  7. Improvements on Joining SSURGO Data
  8. Improvements on GSSHA Stochastic Model Calibration
  9. Capability to define an input hydrograph and/or contaminant source at any location in the stream network

If you have a current license of WMS 8.2, you will be able to run WMS 8.3 using your WMS 8.2 password and registration. If you have not yet evaluated WMS and do not currently have a WMS license, you can obtain a 1-month demo register code by clicking on the "Enable" button on startup and selecting the option to get a WMS 8.2 register code (WMS 8.3 register codes are not yet available, but WMS 8.2 register codes will work with the WMS 8.3 beta version).



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