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SMS Release 10.1.0 - September 23, 2009

John Howlett

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A new SMS 10.1 update executable has been posted on the Aquaveo site. There are now two separate installation packages, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit. The SMS 10.0 password will no longer work with this latest version of SMS 10.1. You can select the evaluation password option in the register dialog to get started. You will need to contact sales to receive a permanent password.

Sales Contact Information

email: sales@aquaveo.com

phone: (801) 302-1400

fax: (801) 302-1160

64 Bit Version of SMS:


32 Bit Version of SMS:


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Before installing the latest version of SMS 10.1, please uninstall any beta versions of SMS 10.1 (you can leave full releases such as SMS 10.0, 9.2, etc.).

Some users have reported problems with the installation process not finishing if old beta versions of SMS 10.1 are present on their machine.

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Once I got my password for SMS v10.1 and "burned" my hardware lock, I discovered that I could no long use SMS v10.0 except in demo mode. I've asked about this, and have been told that I would be issued a "temporary password" for v10.0. I guess my question is: I understand that I'm limited to use the software on the machine with the hardware lock, but why am I limited to which version of software that I use?


-- Mark

(I'm especially interested in this because v10.1 is not letting me set the attributes to feature arcs that I loaded from a *.cst file. If that problem persists I'll spawn a separate post for it.)

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Hardware locks are currently tied to a specific version of SMS. That is - a SMS 10.0 hardware lock will not work with SMS 10.1 and vice versa. We are considering alternatives (for the future) that would allow hardware locks to span multiple versions.

Please do describe the *.cst file problem in a separate post.

- John

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I'm glad you were able to resolve the .cst issue. If the need does arise to revisit an earlier version of SMS, sales / tech support is aware of the issue and should be able to work with you to find a solution.

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