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WMS 8.2 Update

Chris Smemoe

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An update to WMS 8.2 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

  • Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary
  • 170-10/31/2008-9/21/2009-Bug when opening a WMS project from spatial tutorials
  • 999-6/3/2009-9/21/2009-Error message occasionally pops up while moving through sediment flux or stream sediment flux data set.
  • 898-5/5/2009-9/21/2009-WMS crashes when running Clean Up Model command on this project
  • 860-4/28/2009-9/21/2009-Problem reading TIFF image using File | Open command
  • 852-4/27/2009-9/21/2009-Upon completion of the Volume VI - Chapter 6 tutorial, Section 6.2, Step 13 WMS crashes.
  • 1391-9/8/2009-9/21/2009-GSSHA datasets don't match up with hydrographs
  • 360-12/23/2008-9/18/2009-Default DEM display point size
  • 464-1/19/2009-9/18/2009-Switching to Specified Values in Contour Options does not enable Value fields
  • 648-3/4/2009-9/18/2009-Remove reservoir display opts from the TIN drainage display tab
  • 283-12/6/2008-9/18/2009-Error message, Vol. V, Ch. 1, Section 1.2, step 24, "An unsupported operation was attempted."
  • 192-11/7/2008-9/18/2009-Bug when specifying a bias when creating a 2D grid
  • 171-10/31/2008-9/18/2009-Tc value not updating in ModClark tutorial
  • 105-10/9/2008-9/17/2009-DrawBuffer_enum GetDrawBuffer () Assertion
  • 100-10/7/2008-9/17/2009-WMS exports the canvas window background when saving a .kmz film loop
  • 989-6/1/2009-9/17/2009-WMS crashes when running DEM->Stream Arcs command
  • 1199-7/20/2009-9/17/2009-WMS does not write out projection file when exporting grids from GSSHA output datasets
  • 277-12/4/2008-9/17/2009-Changes to GSSHA .cmt file requested by Chuck
  • 1270-8/6/2009-9/11/2009-Embankment arcs should not extend into inactive GSSHA cells or else GSSHA won't run
  • 1275-8/10/2009-9/11/2009-WMS does not read in more than 5, or 6 files into the "Convert Grids" dialog at a time.
  • 1286-8/12/2009-9/11/2009-In job control dialog,contaminant name and location are lost when you add a new contaminant
  • 1340-8/24/2009-9/10/2009-GSSHA sample tutorial crashes WMS
  • 1341-8/24/2009-9/10/2009-GSSHA doesn't save .dep and .ghm file when you choose to save before running
  • 1343-8/24/2009-9/10/2009-Basin data not read from file
  • 1389-9/3/2009-9/9/2009-WMS crashes when conforming GSSHA embankment arc to grid if no grid is available
  • 1068-6/23/2009-9/2/2009-Hydrograph output toggle in GSSHA solution results window not used, misleading
  • 1204-7/21/2009-8/17/2009-WMS Crashes upon completion of Step 12, Section 4.2, in the Volume 6, Chapter 3 tutorial.
  • 1170-7/15/2009-8/17/2009-Problem with either GSSHA or WMS-reading a GSSHA solution file
  • 1215-7/23/2009-8/11/2009-A dialog reading "There was an error reading record 1 in the Green-Ampt Land Use Table" cannot be dismissed.
  • 1051-6/17/2009-8/10/2009-DEM Contours written to KMZ file, when DEM is turned off
  • 1173-7/15/2009-8/10/2009-WMS crashes upon clicking the 'Assign' buttton during step 12, section 1.4, of the Volume 5, Chapter 1 - HSPF tutorial.
  • 1240-7/30/2009-8/7/2009-Save File command in coverage overlay window should show default file types
  • 1241-7/30/2009-8/7/2009-WMS crashes when delineating a watershed before running TOPAZ
  • 1138-7/10/2009-8/6/2009-Volume 3, Chapter 2 - Floodplain Delineation, csdb.idx file not found when saving .wms file at the end.
  • 1252-7/31/2009-8/6/2009-Bug when reading in rain gages from format precip macro
  • 1188-7/16/2009-8/6/2009-The attached WMS.ini file causes WMS to crash when loading DEMs
  • 1002-6/3/2009-7/16/2009-HEC-1 lag time/time of concentration data computed
  • 997-6/3/2009-7/15/2009-SSURGO Shape files Bug
  • 1000-6/3/2009-7/15/2009-WMS crashes during the creation of an animation using the sediment flux and stream sediment flux data sets.
  • 1141-7/10/2009-7/10/2009-Bug in assigning texture using Join SSURGO command.
  • 1143-7/10/2009-7/10/2009-In WMS dev, the ksat algorithm in the Join SSURGO data command occasionally returns "-1.#IND00"
  • 1144-7/10/2009-7/10/2009-Bug in Joining SSURGO data KSAT values in WMS dev
  • 1145-7/10/2009-7/10/2009-resistance equation in Join SSURGO dialog should be changed to "equivalent conductance equation"
  • 919-5/7/2009-7/10/2009-WMS disappears when running DEM->Stream Arcs command on this DEM
  • 1004-6/4/2009-7/9/2009-GSSHA simulations including erosion and sediment only read in the first sediment from the .sed file into WMS.
  • 903-5/6/2009-7/9/2009-Tutorials, Volume V, Chapter 2, Section 2.6.2, Step 2.
  • 1066-6/22/2009-7/8/2009-CAD layers do not disable properly in the tree view
  • 1007-6/5/2009-7/6/2009-TerraServer generates an error upon completion of step 23, Section 2.7.2, of the Chapter 2, Volume 1 Tutorial.
  • 899-5/5/2009-7/1/2009-GSSHA hyetograph ranamed as "Hyetograph" in XY Series Editor
  • 909-5/6/2009-6/30/2009-spreadsheet entries in GSSHA Solution Analysis dialog dimmed for no good reason
  • 1083-6/26/2009-6/30/2009-GSSHA calibration mode results different when using different units
  • 901-5/6/2009-6/30/2009-Tutorials, Volume IV, Chapter 3, Section 3.5 - After finishing the tutorial WMS crashes while saving finished project file.
  • 906-5/6/2009-6/29/2009-GSSHA Outlfow hydrograph not matching stream flow graph in solution results window

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