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FEMWATER time series plot


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I am doing a salinity intrusion problem and want to note the salinity (concentration ) at 3 specified locations..I created three observation points on the locations adn run the model.. But the time series plot in FEMWATER seems to have some issues...It doesnt always give the plot accurately...A few times it gives the plot correctly and abruptly it seems to lose the data and ion subsequent trials it gives a 0 value of concentration at all times or doesnt even give a plot..

What I need to do is to do multiple simulations with different rates of pumpings from the aquifer and see the salinity intrusion values...(say 3000 simulations) for use in another model..IS there an easier way to do that other than the time series plot??

Thanks and regards


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Hi Sreekanth

I am not an expert on GMS observation wells, so I don't know whether you are describing a bug, but I can offer several comments:

1. FEMWATER does not have observation wells as such, so you have to output the solution for the whole mesh at every time step you are interested in. So it not very efficient at producing time series at a particular node.

2. It is fairly easy to run FEMWATER from another application. You can use GMS to set up the input (text) files initially, then FEMWATER can be run from the command line. Then you would need to extract the outputs you want from the FEMWATER output (text) files.

3. Another option is to modify the FEMWATER code to do the things you want. I have not done this, but I would say it would be straightforward for someone with FORTRAN programming experience.


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