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Coarsing RMA2 Mesh


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I am trying to coarse a mesh using SMS 9.0. It will be used for simulations with RMA2.

It is a much detailed river+lake mesh. I would like to make the long river arm 1-D. Anyone knows if that is possible?

I am merging the triangles in the center of the lake, but the resulting mesh doesn't look good at all. Whenever there are islands and near the margins the merging process seems to have been linking nodes over land. Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks, Lin

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You may want to try creating the new mesh using the map module. You can convert the existing mesh boundaries or material regions to feature arcs / polygons and set the meshing type for each polygon. It is best to generate a mesh from the map module. Be sure to set the coverage type to TABS if you are creating an RMA2 mesh. You can also convert the existing mesh to a scatter set if you do not have a scatter set already and use that for assigning bathymetry / elevation values to the new mesh.

- John

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