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Beta Release of Subsurface Analyst

John Howlett

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ESRI and Aquaveo are pleased to bring you the Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools to help you better manage your groundwater data within ArcGIS. Based on the Arc Hydro Groundwater data model, the tools will enable you to take advantage of the ArcGIS platform to archive, manage, and visualize your groundwater information.

Use Subsurface Analyst to:

  • Create & Edit Cross Sections
  • Generate 3D Volumes
  • Classify, Visualize & Edit Borehole Data

All within ArcGIS!

Create & Edit Cross Sections

Interactive cross section editing of borehole data. Include water table & saltwater interface and other geologic map data. 2D Cross Sections can be converted to 3D Geosections and viewed in ArcScene. 3D Geosections can also be converted to 2D Cross Sections to edit and view in ArcMap.

Generate 3D Volumes

Build 3D GeoVolumes from your subsurface data and visualize the new GeoVolume features in ArcScene.

Classify, Visualize & Edit Borehole Data

Visualize, classify and edit borehole data such as stratigraphy, screens, and casing interval.

Learn more about Arc Hydro Groundwater 1.2

Get the Tutorials

Download a free trial of Arc Hydro 1.2

Contact Us Today!

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