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Plot of Drain Flow


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I tried that, but nothing plots. The plot came up, but it is blank. To get the plot, I created zone budget ID's, one for each layer. The drain is in layer 1. I then mapped and reran the model, but none of the flow budget variables are plotted for any of the Zone Budget ID's. The drain flow is in the output file for each time step, but it is not making it to the plot. Is there something else that I need to do to get it to plot?

Use the Flow Budget vs Time plot and only toggle on flow out for the Drain.

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Try creating the Flow Budget v Time plot that I mentioned above with only the drain flow out toggled on. Also, make sure that the option under "Display using:" on the left side of the second step of the plot wizard is the "Selected cells" option. Then select the cell where the drain is located.

If you are unable to create a plot using the Zone Budget Ids then it may be a bug. Can you send your project along with a description of the problem to support@aquaveo.com.


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