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When I modified my mesh. Then interpolate the old_mesh_file.pts to the new mesh. When I displayed the new mesh every thing seems ok. Please check the attachments Fig1. Once I save the new_file.pts and close all files.

When I Open the new mesh and the new_mesh_file.pts and interpolate it again to my new mesh and display the new mesh. I found some points with zero value Fig2 in the attchments.!!!!!.

I tried several times and the results are the same including some zeros.

Any suggestion?



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Could the problem be that the new_mesh_file.pts is being saved out from the mesh module, but read into the scatter module and the node ID's don't match up?

What model are you using? Is there any reason you are trying to save the mesh elevation as a .pts file instead of an XMDF file?

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