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BOUSS-2D Boundary conditions AGAIN

Jose Maria

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Dear all:

After solving the problem of splitting cellstrings,I run into a new problem: I get an error if I place any kind of porosity layer, but not if I use only damping.

Using damping layers instead of porosity could fix the problem? This is not very scientific, but... could it work?

Other question:

Is there any way to plot the map of slopes in the dominium? It could be a great help to avoid unstabilities derives from excesive bottom sloping.

I am using the 10.0 version of SMS.



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If you convert your cartesian grid to a scatter set, you can use the Dataset Toolbox (Menu Data | Dataset Toolbox) to create a Gradient data sets.

  1. If you are in Geographic coordinates, convert to a non lat/lon system
  2. In the Tools frame, select "Geometry" under "Spatial
  3. Select the elevation data set
  4. Select an output name and check the gradient options you would like
  5. Click "Compute"

You can then visualize the results by turning on contours and/or vectors.

- John

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