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Transport of pollutant_FEMWATER


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Please teach me how I can simulate by FEMWATER the transient transport through the saturated zone, for variable boundary condition (C=f(t)).

I created the model and simulated successfully the steady state flow process. When I introduced the variable concentration like a boundary condition (887 rows in data file) I obtained their plot in the right side of the window.

The Check Simulation option indicated no warning and no erorrs for all modules.

When I’m running femwater transport model I obtained the next message, when „Reading the model parameter file: XY series card, number of points MXXYP: 887 and FEMWATER finished.

I don’t know what is my mistake. Please, help me.



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You didn't make a mistake. GMS:FEMWATER has the following restrictions of the size of XY series cards

The source code says

C 4. For xy1 series cards




So you can have MXXYS = 250 time series

Each one can have MXXYP = 100 points

The actual time series are stored in the TS() and TVALUE() arrays.

To change this you need to get the FEMWATER source code from Aquaveo (freely available), change the maximum array bounds in the gwpara.inc file, and recompile FEMWATER. Not very convenient.


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