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RMA2 Nodal BC Flows

Jeff Walker

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We are developing an RMA2/RMA4 model of a river that includes a large number of combined sewer discharges along the shoreline. But we are having trouble assigning these boundary flows using either nodestrings or nodes.

- When each discharge was assigned to a nodestring (comprised of two nodes along the edge of a single element), we received a fatal error related to the DOMAIN of the sqrt function. We believe this error was caused by specifying zero flows for most of the discharges. We also received a warning message in SMS regarding the zero flows. But since combined sewers only overflow during wet weather, we cannot remove these zero flow conditions. Can nodestrings be used to represent intermittent discharges?

- We have had more success with each discharge assigned to a single node, but we have been told by Aquaveo support that the flow rate for a nodal boundary condition should be specified as flow per unit length. What length should be used to determine the flow per unit length for a nodal BC? Is it the edge length of the adjacent element?



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