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Some problem about the aquifer


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My study area have three soils (from up to down).

The middle soil has very low hydraulic conductivity (10-7 m/s).

So the rain can’t infiltration to groundwater table, and produce unconfining aquifer.

My study area have two aquifers, one is unconfining aquifer, and another is confining aquifer. But I don’t know how to build it?

Can I build two groundwater table?

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Seems to me you haven't done much modeling so far ? :rolleyes: OK, you must begin somewhere.

Just apply a general head boundary to your layer #3 with the height of the pressure in this layer. So, this will fill it up. Here we come straight to your second problem: you cannot model 2 watertables, there exists only one: in the toplayer (k=1), provided it's not dry. All the underlying layers are characterized by a piezometric level.

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Thats not strictly true, I THINK!

It is possible to have a negative pressure head beneath the confining layer in FEMWATER (a large Q pumping well will desaturate an area with appropriate boundary head conditions that are just at the elevation of the base of the confining layer) and another negative pressure head in the unsaturated zone. This is an example of two water tables. A water table occurs where pressure head is zero and unsaturated zone occurs where pressure head is negative (suction). I tested this on a little test model and it ran steady state.

Does anyone else agree with me?

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