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GMS problem with writing FEMWATER 3bc files


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I found if you work on a GMS:FEMWATER project for some time, changing bcs and materials, GMS does not throw out the old XY1 series (mostly boundary condition values and unsaturated material properties). So you get a 3bc file with many XY1 series, many of them redundant, and particularly the ids of those series start to get large. When the XY1 id values exceed 250 FEMWATER reports an array bound error.

It would be good if there was some way in GMS to renumber the XY1 series and throw out the old ones.

PS: I managed to do a workaround by deleting the 3bc file then restarting GMS. I may have deleted the materials and Simulation too (I don't remember). So I had to reenter the material properties and simulation options, but GMS did regenerate the 3bc file without all the old XY1 series/series numbers.

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