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How was this "tce_conc" image created (in the help file)?

tce_conc image

It's a TCE concentration contour plot inside a 3D grid.

The problem I have is that I bring in a 3D scatter points data set and interpolate them to a rectangular 3D grid, but the the interpolation extends to the limits of the 3D grid instead of conforming to the x,y,z limits of the data set.

I need the 3D mesh because the 3D grid data doesn't have the advanced contouring options of the 3D mesh.

You can see what I mean in the attached images. Image1.jpg is the 3D scatter set inside the 3D grid before interpolation, and Image2.jpg is after interpolation.

I 've been using truncate data and idw interpolation, and have tried many other ways. I'll bet there's a simple option I have to click to get the interpolation to conform to the x,y,z of the data set only. I've tried hiding 3D elements before interpolation, but this is tedious and time consuming.

I'm actually using the 3D scatter set to plot P-wave and S-wave data next to borehole data. Maybe some of you have other ways of doing this?





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