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Arc Hydro 1.1 Released

John Howlett

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We've been hard at work adding to and improving some of the tools in Arc Hydro Groundwater.

We are pleased to announce the release of Arc Hydro Groundwater Version 1.1.

New MODFLOW Analyst Geoprocessing tools

The following tools have been added to the MODFLOW Analyst Tools:

  • MODFLOW Export Tools
  • MODFLOW Import Tools
  • MODFLOW Run Tools
  • MODFLOW Data Model Table Management Tools
  • MODFLOW Well Permitting Tools

Updated MODFLOW Analyst Geoprocessing tools

The following tools have been updated to work with the Parameters tables in the MODFLOW Data Model:

  • Export Package CHD
  • Export Package DRN
  • Export Package EVT
  • Export Package GHB
  • Export Package LPF
  • Export Package RCH
  • Export Package RIV
  • Export Package WEL

The following tools have been improved for performance:

  • Create MODFLOW Features
  • Make MODFLOW Feature Layer

MODFLOW Updates:

The MODFLOW executable now also supports double precision solutions. A utility (mf96to2k.exe) was added to the install to convert MODFLOW 96 solutions to MODFLOW 2000.

Learn more about Arc Hydro Groundwater 1.1: archydrogw.com

Download a free trial of Arc Hydro 1.1 here

Contact Us Today!

Visit us at: www.aquaveo.com

801 302-1400



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