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Reprojecting bathymetric data

John McWhorter

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In the scatter module there is no way to assign an "elevation" data set to the scatter. All data sets are treated as "scalar" or "vector" data sets. When you switch the active data set, you will notice that not only the Z (elevation), but also the S (scalar) value of the scatter vertex updates and is always the same. The reprojection command only works on Z (elevation) data sets, so it does nothing for the scatter module.

There are two ways to get around this:

  1. Convert the scatter set to a mesh, perform the elevation data set conversion, convert back to a scatter set
  2. Use the data calculator to convert the elevations from meters to feet by multiplying by 3.28...

I apologize that this is confusing - we are hoping to improve this in future versions of SMS.

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