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Training Course - Coastal Circulation and Wave Modeling with SMS

John Howlett

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See http://www.aquaveo.com/sms_training_orem for complete details

Coastal Circulation and Wave Modeling with SMS December 8-11, 2009 | Orem, Utah

A hands-on course featuring coastal storm surge modeling, coastal morphology modeling, wave modeling, and ocean circulation modeling.

Aquaveo will award 2.8 CEUs to each participant who successfully completes this course.

Course Description

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply numerical models for coastal circulation, tides, waves, wave-current interaction, sediment transport, and morphology change. A step-by-step approach will be used providing instruction and examples covering the modeling process from regional to project scale. Models covered include ADCIRC, STWAVE, CMS-FLOW, CMS-WAVE, CGWAVE, and BOUSS-2D. An introduction to the newly released Particle Tracking Model (PTM) will also be included.

You will learn to use the latest tools available in SMS v10.1 for network generation, data filtering, and advanced conceptual modeling. Come and learn how to be more effective in your coastal modeling projects!

Course Outline - 4 Days

  • Review coastal processes involved in hydrodynamic simulation.
  • Learn advanced techniques for network generation.
  • Model wind and storm surge to predict coastal flooding.
  • Simulate circulation in large scale coastal systems with ADCIRC.
  • Model circulation and sediment transport with CMS-FLOW.
  • Learn to use the STWAVE and CMS-WAVE spectral wave models.
  • Perform phase-resolving wave modeling with CGWAVE and BOUSS-2D.
  • Practice circulation/wave model coupling to evaluate the interaction of currents and waves.
  • Simulate particle transport processes with PTM.

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