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Connecting the lakes to the channels?


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i'm having a problem with adding lakes and running the gshha then... Basically, the lake fills up, but then the water doesn't go out of the lake as discharge (in the end the lake is full but there is no discharge, longer total time doesn't change anything). I have tried different outlet structures, but they don't seem to make difference. (Btw, when there is a weir with a crest point elevation, is that elevation from the grid or the actual z-value i want for the crest? I assumed the latter, but tried the former too...) There is some flow out of the lake, but it's maybe a tenth of the flow into the lake, even at the highest peak. Is there something i have missed about connecting the lake to the outlet and the outlet to the channel? Should the embankment be connected to the channel leading out of the lake? I don't know if this is connected to this problem, but if I try to chance the attributes of the embankment after running GSSHA, WMS always crashes.

thanks for any advise,


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