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Lake Package Batimetry Error


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Dear All,

I m using LAK3 for simulating a pit lake.My problem is when I give the batimetry file "tin" to LAK3 it is calculated the volume and the area of the pit wrong(very larger than the actual.Is this related to cell dimensions or have anybody had the same problem?

Best Regards

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Many thanks for reply,

As I tried to explain in my last post,I m using lake package for simulating a pit in my transient modflow.As it required I m entering the initial,max min stages of lake,leakange evap etc.value.

For the batimetry I m adressing my tin file which was produced by pit level contours.After the runs the lake package give me an output *.gag file which summirizing the what happening in the lake.(See below)Which the volumes are very different from the original size of the pit.Any comment highly appretiated.

MODEL CALCULATED stage and volumes

"DATA: Time Stage(H) Volume "

0.00000E+00 1006.00000 4.47052E+05

3.00000E+01 1006.19568 4.47877E+05

6.00000E+01 1006.44415 4.48925E+05

9.00000E+01 1006.78729 4.50373E+05

1.20000E+02 1007.12439 4.51795E+05

1.50000E+02 1007.37811 4.52865E+05

1.80000E+02 1007.58826 4.53751E+05

2.10000E+02 1007.88293 4.54993E+05

2.40000E+02 1008.04620 4.55682E+05

2.70000E+02 1007.95709 4.55306E+05

3.00000E+02 1007.81488 4.54706E+05

Real stages and volumes from tin

1005.0 1

1006.0 224.1261198

1007.0 462.483146

1008.0 702.4367042

1009.0 977.1261023

1010.0 1268.424689

1011.0 1888.369188

1012.0 2711.236979

1013.0 3731.945415

Best Regards

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