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FEMWATER crashing on simple problem


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Hi, I am having problems with FEMWATER crashing, has anyone seen this before?

I have set up a simple saturated transient flow+transport model in GMS on a rectangular mesh. Flow is constant in the x direction. Contaminant enters at the upstream boundary (x=0).

GMS sets up the relevant FEMWATER input files, I then need to correct the *.3bc file by putting in the correct number of print times in the OC1 card and the effective porosity ratio in the MP5 card.

When I run FEMWATER it hangs in the first iteration (whether I run it from GMS or through the command line or from my Fortran compiler). It also happens from two other versions of FEMWATER I have.

I am guessing that FEMWATER.exe is compiled with floating point exception level set to 3, and that is why it hangs instead of crashing. My compiler documentation says: "For performance reasons: On x86 systems, the default is /fpe:3. Using /fpe:0 will slow run-time performance on x86 systems."

Running FEMWATER from the compiler in debug mode I found a divide by zero error occurring in the Lagrangian particle backtracking code (SUBROUTINE BRKINS variable SUM2 = 0). Does anybody have any idea why this would happen? As far as I can see I have set up the problem correctly, and a similar problem runs ok. I have tried fiddling with the types of boundary conditions and the mesh spacing but this has not helped.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

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