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Creating zones in existing solids/materials


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I’ve build a Modflow-model in GMS using the Tin’s and Solids modules. 11 solids (corresponding to 11 hydrostratigrafic layers) have been transferred to 15 Modflow layers using the boundary matching option in Solids -> Modflow. The solids consisted of 4 different materials, so I have 4 materials in my Modflow model. During the calibration process, it has become necessary to subdivide some of the materials/create zones in some of the layers (i.e. material 1 in layers 1-5). How do I do that? Each Modflow layer consists of more than one material (from different solids), and I only want to subdivide/create zones in material 1 in layers 1-5, not change the other materials in layers 1-5.

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In the 3-D grid module, you can manually select areas using polygons and change the materials that way (if you view the grid using cell faces showing the materials, this will be easier). If you think you have to keep doing this, you might want to display materials using cell faces, then go into the map module and draw polygons in a coverage set up so that you can map over material zones. Then it will be easy to just adjust your polygons and quickly map the material changes over.

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